FlowSOM, Visualizing millions of cells

FlowSOM offers a new way to look at your cytometry data. Instead of visualizing all the cells in 2D-scatter plots, the cells are first clustered. By grouping very similar cells together, it is easier to create a full overview, in which each group of cells is visualized as a 'node'. These nodes are organized into a tree, in which similar nodes are connected, creating 'branches' corresponding to the different cell types. Pie charts indicate the MFI's for different markers and node size corresponds to the number of cells in each population.


A tool to visualize and validate quantitative proteomics data from different sources.
Manual validation of regulated proteins in quantitative proteomics has always been a tedious process. Here we present Rover, a tool to facilitate this process. Rover accepts quantitative data from different sources such as Mascot Distiller and MaxQuant. In an intuitive environment, Rover visualizes the quantitative data in such a way that the user can select and validate proteins in comparisons to the whole experiment and in the context of the protein inference problem.


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