TAPIR is a web server designed for the prediction of plant microRNA targets. The server offers the possibility to search for plant miRNA targets using a fast and a precise algorithm. The precise option is much slower but guarantees to find less perfectly paired miRNA - target duplexes. Furthermore, the precise option allows the prediction of target mimics, which are characterized by a miRNA - target duplex having a large loop, making them undetectable by traditional tools.

(Dutch article) UGent'ers helpen collega's bij hun zoektocht naar ideale methode voor microRNA-onderzoek

(29-06-2014) UGent-onderzoekers dr. Pieter Mestdagh en prof. Jo Vandesompele werkten mee aan de internationale miRQC studie die in Nature Methods verschijnt. Deze studie helpt andere onderzoekers bij de evaluatie van methodes om kleine RNA-moleculen te bestuderen.

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