N2N Event

Event is organised by the MRP

May/26 11:30
Room V3 (S9, Campus Sterre, 9000 Gent

Next generation image processing

In recent decades, the most popular approach to image processing has involved treating an image as a two-dimensional signal and applying signal processing filters. A large number of tools can be created this way and therefore it became the basis for modern image processing software. However, the scope of these techniques is limited by the fact that filters need to be designed manually. The recent advancements in image recognition and convolutional neural networks offer an alternative. Given large amount of images, filters for information extraction can be learned from the data.

Sep/15 09:00 - Sep/16 18:00
Ugent – PAC Zuid (Woodrow Wilsonplein, 9000 Gent)

Light on the Dark Side of the Genome

The human genome encodes the blueprint of life using only 2% of its nearly three billion bases to code for approximately 20,000 genes. The remaining portion is often referred to as “junk” DNA. Over the past decade, advances in genomic technologies and initiatives like the ENCODE and the Roadmap Epigenomics projects, revealed that these regions encrypt a regulatory code accommodating numerous key elements (e.g. enhancers, non-coding RNA,…) necessary to orchestrate the regulatory complexity of gene expression patterns.

May/26 09:00 - May/27 18:00
Multimediaroom, building S9, Campus De Sterre, Krijgslaan 281, 9000 Gent

Introduction to multithreading and OpenMP

This workshop gives an introduction to shared-memory parallel programming and optimization on modern multicore systems, focusing on OpenMP. This is the dominant shared-memory programming model in computational science. Parallelism, multicore architecture and the most important shared-memory programming models are discussed. These topics are then applied in the hands-on exercises.


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