N2N Event

Event is organised by the MRP

Apr/23 12:00
Auditorium 2 (2 K3), Campus UZ Ghent

Learning tumor phylogenies from single-cell data

Cancer progression is an evolutionary process characterized by the accumulation of mutations and responsible for tumor growth, clinical progression, and drug resistance development. We discuss how to reconstruct the evolutionary history of a tumor from single-cell sequencing data. The tumor phylogeny problem is challenging because of sequencing errors and the high rate of allelic drop-out in single cell DNA sequencing experiments. We present a probabilistic model and a Markov Chain Monte Carlo approach to learn tumor phylogenies from such data.

Apr/25 11:00 - Apr/25 12:00
J. Schell seminar room UGent-VIB Research building FSVM Technologiepark 927 9052 Zwijnaarde (Gent)

Computer Vision & Computational Optics for Bioimage Informatics

Our group has been actively pursuing the idea that with great microscopes and great informatics we will be able to truly digitize models of cells, tissues, and organisms through time with information about the genetic and proteomic states of each cell layered there on. The belief is that these atlases combined with optical observations of labeled entities will accelerate the life sciences by allowing us to visualize these systems from any vantage point and as a system, thus leading to many discoveries such as the nature of the genetic control of fly wing development.


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