High Performance Computing infrastructure at UGent

Researchers affiliated to Ghent University and association UGent can freely use the Tier2 supercomputing infrastructure. All information is available at http://www.ugent.be/hpc/en.
The UGent HPC is also an entry point to the full network and infrastructure of the Flemish Supercomputing Center (VSC). More information on access and the common VSC services is available at http://vscentrum.be/.

Needles: Toward Large-Scale Genomic Prediction with Marker-by-Environment Interaction

Genomic prediction relies on genotypic marker information to predict the agronomic performance of future hybrid breeds based on trial records. Because the effect of markers may vary substantially under the influence of different environmental conditions, marker-by-environment interaction effects have to be taken into account. However, this may lead to a dramatic increase in the computational resources needed for analyzing large-scale trial data. A high-performance computing solution, called Needles, is presented for handling such data sets.

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