Sequence analysis


ForCon is a user-friendly software tool for the conversion of nucleic acid and amino acid sequence alignments. Many software packages for sequence alignment and the construction of evolutionary trees have implemented their own standard of saving and reading sequence alignments. To circumvent the labourious work of manually converting alignment formats with the use of a word processor, ForCon was developed and converts these formats automatically. ForCon is able to convert – in both ways, i.e.


EP3 is a tool for the identification of the core region of a eukaryotic gene promoter. It uses universal properties of the promoter to detect those regions in a whole genome context. EP3 has been tested on several eukaryotes ranging from protists to human. On human it is, at the moment, the best performing tool to identify regions that are associated with transcription initiation.


AFLPinSilico performs AFLP simulations with different combinations of restriction enzymes or selective nucleotides, on organisms or data sets for which DNA sequences are available. It allows identification of the fragments and the genes they are tagging, sparing the collection and sequencing task. Besides data analysis, such simulations can be used by experimentalists to efficiently plan and design AFLP based experiments, saving time and expensive trials.


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