Sequence analysis

SomInaClust: detection of cancer genes based on somatic mutation patterns of inactivation and clustering

Background: With the advances in high throughput technologies, increasing amounts of cancer somatic mutation data are being generated and made available. Only a small number of (driver) mutations occur in driver genes and are responsible for carcinogenesis, while the majority of (passenger) mutations do not influence tumour biology. In this study, SomInaClust is introduced, a method that accurately identifies driver genes based on their mutation pattern across tumour samples and then classifies them into oncogenes or tumour suppressor genes respectively.

Jun/01 09:30 - Jun/01 17:00
Leuven Park Inn by Radisson Leuven Martelarenlaan 36 3010 Leuven

Hands-on introduction to ChIP-Seq analysis

This training gives an introduction to ChIP-seq data analysis, covering the processing steps starting from the reads to the peaks. Concretely, you will:
• perform a complete analysis workflow including QC, mapping, visualization and peak-calling
• use command line and open source software for each each step of the workflow
• have an overview of possible downstream analyses
• perform a motif analysis with online web programs

May/22 09:30 - May/29 17:00
Leuven Park Inn by Radisson Leuven Martelarenlaan 36 3010 Leuven

Introduction to the analysis of NGS data

This training is an introduction to the Hands-on introduction to ChIP-Seq analysis training. It is intended for newbies to the field and will teach them all background knowledge required to successfully complete the ChIP-Seq training. To this end the training will give an overview of:
• NGS applications and their data analysis workflows
• NGS data formats and file handling
• Quality control of NGS data
• Mapping of NGS data
• IT skills required to analyze NGS data: e.g. Linux command line, Galaxy...


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