Unipept web services for metaproteomics analysis

Unipept is an open source web application that is designed for metaproteomics analysis with a focus on interactive datavisualization. It is underpinned by a fast index built from UniProtKB and the NCBI taxonomy that enables quick retrieval of all UniProt entries in which a given tryptic peptide occurs. Unipept version 2.4 introduced web services that provide programmatic access to the metaproteomics analysis features. This enables integration of Unipept functionality in custom applications and data processing pipelines.

Faecal proteomics: A tool to investigate dysbiosis and inflammation in patients with cystic fibrosis

Background: Several microbial studies reported gut microbiota dysbiosis in patients with cystic fibrosis (CF). The functional consequences of this phenomenon are poorly understood. Faecal metaproteomics allows the quantitative analysis of host and microbial proteins to address functional changes resulting from this dysbiosis.

May/27 17:00
S9, Campus Sterre Krijgslaan 281 9000 Gent

PhD defense Bart Mesuere: Unipept, computational exploration of metaproteome data

Bart Mesuere (promoter Prof. Peter Dawyndt) developed the web application Unipept allowing researchers to analyze the biodiversity of environmental samples. Unipept can for example be used to explore the composition of your gut microbiome.
Please confirm your attendance at before May 20.


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