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Proteomics in the genome engineering era

Genome engineering experiments used to be lengthy, inefficient and often expensive, preventing a widespread adoption of such experiments for the full assessment of endogenous protein functions. With the revolutionary CRISPR/Cas9 technology, genome engineering became accessible to the broad life sciences community and is now implemented in several research areas. One particular field that can benefit significantly from this evolution is proteomics where a substantial impact on experimental design and general proteome biology can be expected.

Jan/27 09:00
Ghent Virginie Loveling Building Koningin Maria Hendrikaplein 70 9000 Ghent

Precision Genome Engineering

Genome engineering has revolutionized biomedical science in the last years. Several technologies have contributed to this revolution with CRISPR/Cas as the most recent and the main player. The success of CRISPR/Cas is mainly due to the ease with which the technology can be implemented in the lab and the high efficiency of editing genomes. Literature is exploding with new applications of which several will be highlighted, including some of the newer players in the field like Cpf1.

Jan/28 09:00 - Jan/29 19:00
Gent, Belgium

Genome Engineering and Synthetic Biology: Tools and Technologies

At the second edition of Genome Engineering and Synthetic Biology: Tools and Technologies, VIB will assemble many top academic speakers and emerging companies with novel technologies with topics focused on CRISPR technology and its applications in Synthetic Biology, Genome Engineering in Mammals, Gene and Genome assembly and Expanding the Genetic Code.

In addition to a great scientific and technology program, the conference will provide plenty of networking opportunities during the breaks, poster sessions, conference dinner and the Meet the Expert session.

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