big data

Mar/17 18:00 - Mar/17 21:30
Universiteit Gent Instituut voor Permanente Vorming IVPV leszaal Technologiepark 904 9052 Zwijnaarde

Big data postacademische opleiding

Wetenschappelijke coördinatie:
Prof. dr. Guy De Tré
Vakgroep Telecommunicatie en Informatieverwerking, UGent

  • Module 1: Gegevensbeheer
  • 17 en 24 maart, 14 en 21 april 2016

  • Module 2: Gegevensanalyse
  • 28 april, 12, 19 en 26 mei 2016

  • Module 3: Visualisatie
  • 6, 9 en 16 juni 2016

  • Module 4: Juridische aspecten
  • 23 juni 2016

Dit programma laat toe een getuigschrift van de Universiteit Gent te behalen.

De data zijn onder voorbehoud van wijzigingen om onvoorziene redenen.

Jan/25 09:30 - Jan/29 17:30
SURF, Utrecht, The Netherlands

Course Essential skills in data-intensive research - enabling your life science research


Successfully undertaking a PhD in the 21st century requires researchers, from all disciplines, to have basic training in software development and the management and stewardship of their data resources. However, for many scientists, the prospect of developing the skills needed to engage increasingly diverse and complex e-infrastructure is daunting.

Mar/16 09:00 - Mar/16 17:00
Provinciehuis Vlaams-Brabant, at walking distance from Leuven railway station

Successful Planning of Large Data Generating Experiments (VIB Training)

Since recent years, biologists are joining the big-data club. Due to the strong growth of high-throughput Omics technologies, life scientists are under the continuous pressure to deal with massive data sets, encountering challenges when having to handle, process and move data.
This workshop is organized with the aim of providing a proper foundation once planning large data generating experiments. With the focus of giving practical recommendations and valuable tips and tricks, the following areas will be covered during the workshop.
• Think before you start


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