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Piet Demeester receives prestigious European grant to develop disruptive wireless ‘ATTO cells’ that will be instrumental in creating intelligent swarms of robots

BIG N2N partner Piet Demeester (iMinds - Ghent University) has been awarded a prestigious European ERC Advanced Grant to pursue the development of his disruptive ATTO cell technology. Over the next five years, he will receive 2.5 million euro to develop a fully functional ATTO proof-of-concept.

Apr/20 09:00
Multimediaroom, building S9, Campus De Sterre, Krijgslaan 281, 9000 Gent

Specialist Workshops in Scientific Computing - SWSC2016

This series of workshops features seminars on important HPC topics, introduced by experts in the field. Fundamental topics, such as multithreading and multiprocessing, Message Passing Interface (MPI), should feature in every edition. This can be complemented with other, more specialist topics related to particular hardware, such as GPU programming and “Big Data”-related paradigms (e.g. Google MapReduce and Hadoop), scientific program languages (e.g. Fortran), or applications specific to certain research fields.

Network service chaining with optimized network function embedding supporting service decompositions

The rise of Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV) introduce opportunities for service providers to reduce CAPEX/OPEX and to offer and quickly deploy novel network services. In particular, SDN and NFV enable the flexible composition of network functions, a generic service concept known as network service chaining (NSC).


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