expression analysis

Jun/22 09:15 - Jun/26 17:00
Erasmus MC, OWC-22 (Computerroom 22, Onderwijscentrum) Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Gene expression data analysis using R: How to make sense out of your RNA-Seq/microarray data

Five days hands-on computer course for biological and clinical researchers whose research involves experiments that generate gene expression data. The course focuses on microarray and next-generation sequencing gene expression data, but some concepts may be applicable to other types of genomics data. Most of the speakers (and therefore examples) have a biomedical background. Software packages used are freeware, including the statistical software R, Bioconductor, Cytoscape and web tools. The total number of participants is limited to 40.


Monoallelic gene expression is typically initiated early in the development of an organism. Dysregulation of monoallelic gene expression has already been linked to several non-Mendelian inherited genetic disorders. In humans, monoallelic DNA-methylation (MAM) is deemed to be an important regulator of monoallelic gene expression, but only few examples are known. One important reason is that current, cost-affordable truly genome-wide methods to assess DNA-methylation are based on sequencing post enrichment.


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