May/13 08:30 - May/14 17:30
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Course "Python for Life Scientists"

Tailored for life scientists with little or no prior programming experience, the course is driven by real-life use cases. Participants will learn by doing, completing snippets of code that they will be able to reuse in their everyday tasks. Extensive use of IPython Notebook (Jupyter) will encourage to annotate and document the code, building the basis for sound and reproducible data analysis.
More information and the registration form are available from the Web site:

Mar/31 09:00
Faculty of Science, Campus Sterre, Krijgslaan 281, building S9, Ghent.

BIG N2N Introductory course in Python

On March 30 and 31 and April 1, the Institute for Continuing Education in Science (ICES-WE56) is organizing an introductory course in Python.
This course is aimed especially, but not exclusively, at non PhD researchers and ZAP members who cannot participate in the similar course organized by the Doctoral Schools.
All information on this course is available at the ICES website:


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