Jun/09 11:00 - Jun/09 12:00
J Schell seminar room UGent-VIB Research Building FSVM Technologiepark 927 9052 Zwijnaarde (Gent)

BIG N2N seminar by Prof. Peter Stadler: Monsters in the RNA Zoo: The Evolution of long Non-Coding RNA

High-throughput RNA-seq data have become an abundant and cost-effective source of data. Their analysis, at least in model systems with available reference genomes, entails (1) read mapping and (2) reconstruction of transcripts from the mapped reads. Both steps involve -- often tacit -- assumptions on the transcript structure. In particular, it is typically assumed in prokaryotic systems that transcripts are uninterrupted, co-linear intervals on the genome. In Eukaryotes one has to allow for splicing, but co-linearity is still enforced in most analysis pipelines.

Sep/30 14:30
S9, Auditorium A0 Krijgslaan 281 Ghent, Belgium

Seminar: Polyhedra in biology

In biology, symmetric structures are common, as few instructions are sufficient for self-assembly. In mathematics, examples of highly symmetric structures include some convex equilateral polyhedra Platonic, Archimedean and rhombic and helices. Many of these are found in biology, including some viruses and protein complexes with icosahedral symmetry, the ferritin cage with octahedral symmetry, and some viruses as well as DNA with helical symmetry. However, in geometry, the word polyhedron requires planar faces.

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