postdoctoral position

Two Postdoctoral Fellowships in Statistics at BIG N2N

For the first position, funded by the Fund for Scientific Research (Flanders, Belgium), we are looking for candidates with a strong mathematical foundation who have conducted methodological research in statistics with the aim to advance data analysis, to work on the project entitled `Bias-reduced Double-robust estimation’ (Principal Investigator: Prof. Dr. Stijn Vansteelandt, project description given below). We particularly welcome promising candidates who have expertise in regularisation, model selection, semi-parametric inference and/or empirical processes.

Postdoc Computational Scientist at the VIB Plant Systems Biology department in Ghent

We have a Postdoc position for a Computational Scientists at the VIB department of Plant Systems Biology in Ghent, Belgium. The project focuses on RNA-seq analysis of maize and integration of these data with multiple data sources (e.g. genomics, phenotyping, metabolomics, other transcriptomics). In this project we study the regulation of plant growth in relation to the environment, in particular drought. The majority of the data are produced in house by the group of Dirk Inzé and the selected candidate will work closely with the experimental team.


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