Mar/11 12:00 - Mar/11 13:00
Room Museum of the History of Science Building S30, Campus De Sterre, Krijgslaan 281, 9000 Gent, Belgium

First FIRE/FLAMES/CS Nightingale lecture : Is sitting the new smoking?

Join a discussion by Dr. Katrien De Cocker and Prof. Dr. Els Goetghebeur of how the essential tools of study design uncover the hidden risks of your own desk job, from heart disease and diabetes to genetic mutations, and how you can apply these tools to boost your own research.

Identification of Functionally Related Enzymes by Learning-to-Rank Methods

Enzyme sequences and structures are routinely used in the biological sciences as queries to search for functionally related enzymes in online databases. To this end, one usually departs from some notion of similarity, comparing two enzymes by looking for correspondences in their sequences, structures or surfaces. For a given query, the search operation results in a ranking of the enzymes in the database, from very similar to dissimilar enzymes, while information about the biological function of annotated database enzymes is ignored.


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