Nov/09 09:30 - Nov/23 17:00
Fiers-Schell-Van Montagu building, Technologiepark 927, Gent

Basic statistics in R, part II

This training builds further on the Basic statistics in R training, showing you how to do statistical analyses in R. This training gives you a full overview of statistical analyses in R including:
• distributions
• plots
• confidence intervals
• regression
• hypothesis testing: two sample tests, ANOVA.... .
Required skills: Basic knowledge of R: data types, graphics...
Date: 9 and 23 November, 9h30-17h00
Trainer: Veronique Storme

Increasing the power of the Mann-Whitney test in randomized experiments through flexible covariate adjustment

The Mann-Whitney U test is frequently used to evaluate treatment effects in randomized experiments with skewed outcome distributions or small sample sizes. It may lack power, however, because it ignores the auxiliary baseline covariate information that is routinely collected. Wald and score tests in so-called probabilistic index models generalize the Mann-Whitney U test to enable adjustment for covariates, but these may lack robustness by demanding correct model specification and do not lend themselves to small sample inference.


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