QQ-SNV: single nucleotide variant detection at low frequency by comparing the quality quantiles

Background: Next generation sequencing enables studying heterogeneous populations of viral infections. When the sequencing is done at high coverage depth ("deep sequencing"), low frequency variants can be detected. Here we present QQ-SNV (, a logistic regression classifier model developed for the Illumina sequencing platforms that uses the quantiles of the quality scores, to distinguish true single nucleotide variants from sequencing errors based on the estimated SNV probability.

Dec/03 14:00 - Dec/03 15:00
J Schell seminar room UGent-VIB Research Building FSVM Technologiepark 927 9052 Zwijnaarde (Gent)

CANCELLED! BIG N2N seminar by Sach Mukherjee: High-dimensional statistics for personalized medicine

Human diseases show considerable heterogeneity at the molecular level. Such heterogeneity is central to personalized medicine efforts that seek to exploit molecular data to better understand disease biology and inform clinical decision making. An emerging notion is that diseases and disease subgroups may differ with respect to patterns of molecular interplay. I will discuss our ongoing efforts to develop statistical methods to investigate such heterogeneity.

Dec/16 13:00 - Dec/16 14:00
room V2 of building S9 campus De Sterre, Krijgslaan, Gent

FLAMES workshop @ UGent - Comparing samples - Part I

Since September 2013 Nature Methods has been publishing a monthly column on statistics called "Points of Significance." This column is intended to provide reseachers in biology with a basic introduction to core statistical concepts and methods, including experimental design. Motivated by the efforts put forward by Nature, the people from FLAMES want to take it a step further and use these articles as the basis of a seminar series.Biweekly during the academic year, a statistician from FIRE or FLAMES will lead a discussion of a statistics topic from a Points of Significance article.


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