A web application for sample size and power calculation in case-control microbiome studies

When designing a case-control study to investigate differences in microbial composition, it is fundamental to assess the sample sizes needed to detect an hypothesised difference with sufficient statistical power. Our application includes power calculation for (i) a recoded version of the two-sample generalised Wald test of the “HMP” R-package for comparing community composition, and (ii) the Wilcoxon-Mann-Whitney test for comparing OTU-specific abundances between two samples (optional).

Statistical explorative method for early drug development

We propose a statistical explorative method for data integration. It is developed in the context of early drug development for which it enables the detection of chemical substructures and the identification of genes that mediate their association with the bioactivity (BA). The core of the method is a sparse singular value decomposition for the identification of the gene set and a permutation-based method for the control of the false discovery rate. The method is illustrated using a real dataset, and its properties are empirically evaluated by means of a simulation study.

Oct/10 17:30
S9 Campus Sterre Krijgslaan 281 900 Gent

Courses in statistics 2016-2017

For the 17th consecutive year the Institute for Continuing Education in Science (ICES, UGent) and the Center for Statistics (CvS, UGent) have joined forces to offer this series.
Our courses are aimed at professionals and participants with an academic training who wish to keep up to date or discover new areas of research.


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