Open-Source, Platform-Independent Library and Online Scripting Environment for Accessing Thermo Scientific RAW Files

Mass spectrometers typically output data in proprietary binary formats. While converter suites and standardized XML formats have been developed in response, these conversion steps come with non-negligible computational time and storage space overhead. As a result, simple, everyday data inspection tasks are often beyond the skills of the mass spectrometrist, who is unable to freely access the acquired data.

PhD student position in computational protein structure analysis

The group of Prof. Dr. Lennart Martens, located in Ghent, Belgium, focuses on the analysis and integration of high-throughput omics data. The group is currently looking for a PhD student to work on computational protein structure and sequence analysis in relation to folding, stability and post-translational modifications in a jointly supervised project with Prof. Dr. Wim Vranken (VUB) at the (IB)2 institute ( All information in the attached document.


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