Peptide-level Robust Ridge Regression Improves Estimation, Sensitivity, and Specificity in Data-dependent Quantitative Label-free Shotgun Proteomics

Peptide intensities from mass spectra are increasingly used for relative quantitation of proteins in complex samples. However, numerous issues inherent to the mass spectrometry workflow turn quantitative proteomic data analysis into a crucial challenge. We and others have shown that modeling at the peptide level outperforms classical summarization-based approaches, which typically also discard a lot of proteins at the data preprocessing step.

Mar/11 15:00 - Mar/11 16:00
FORUM, Auditorium F, La Plaine Campus, Brussels

IB2 seminar: The forces of proteome complexity, measure you must!

Recently, with the advent of novel sequencing based techniques as ribosome profiling and continues improvements in mass spectrometry instrumentation, an unprecedented proteome complexity was unravelled. An overview will be given of the bioinformatics metrics/pipelines devised to integrate this multi-omics data. Furthermore, we will focus on the forces behind this proteome complexity and how we measure and analyze these.


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