Interactively visualize the spectra and chromatograms in an mzML file. jmzML provides a portable and lightweight JAXB-based implementation of the full mzML 1.1 standard format (note that the jmzML version number has no relation to the mzML version number), with considerable tweaks to make the processing of files memory efficient. In particular, mzML files are effectively indexed on the fly and used as swap files, with only requested snippets of data loaded from a file when accessing it.


Next-generation visualization of protein consensus sequences by iceLogo.
IceLogo builds on probability theory to visualize significant conserved sequence patterns in multiple peptide sequence alignments against background (reference) sequence sets that can be tailored to the studied system and the used protocol. The unique advantages of iceLogo compared to other sequence logo creating tools is that iceLogo has a more dynamic nature and is correcter and completer in the analysis of conserved sequence patterns.


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