Online Protein Processing Resource (TOPPR)

The Online Protein Processing Resource (TOPPR) is an online database that contains thousands of published proteolytically processed sites in human and mouse proteins. These cleavage events were identified with COmbinded FRActional DIagonal Chromatography proteomics technologies, and the resulting database is provided with full data provenance. Indeed, TOPPR provides an interactive visual display of the actual fragmentation mass spectrum that led to each identification of a reported processed site, complete with fragment ion annotations and search engine scores.

Product developer Position in Computational Protein Design (Brussels/Belgium)

At : Université Libre de Bruxelles with the possibility of integrating a start-up
Function : Product developer
Description : Development and application of software for protein optimization (C programming) ; Team work with a business developer
Profile : Master in Bioinformatics, Informatics or Bioengineer; Autonomous and voluntary personality; No professional experience required
Contract: Fixed-term contract starting in January 2015


PRIDE Archive - proteomics data repository.
The PRIDE PRoteomics IDEntifications database is a centralized, standards compliant, public data repository for proteomics data, including protein and peptide identifications, post-translational modifications and supporting spectral evidence.


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