PROTEOFORMER is a proteogenomic pipeline that delineates true in vivo proteoforms and generates a protein sequence search space for peptide to MS/MS matching. It can be combined with canonical protein databases or used independently for identification of novel translation products. The pipeline makes use of the recently developed next generation sequencing strategy termed ribosome profiling (RIBO-seq) that provides genome-wide information on protein synthesis in vivo. RIBO-seq is based on the deep sequencing of ribosome protected mRNA fragments.

PROTEOFORMER: deep proteome coverage through ribosome profiling and MS integration

An increasing amount of studies integrate mRNA sequencing data into MS-based proteomics to complement the translation product search space. However, several factors, including extensive regulation of mRNA translation and the need for three- or six-frame-translation, impede the use of mRNA-seq data for the construction of a protein sequence search database.

The MetaProteomeAnalyzer: A Powerful Open-Source Software Suite for Metaproteomics Data Analysis and Interpretation

The enormous challenges of mass spectrometry-based metaproteomics are primarily related to the analysis and interpretation of the acquired data. This includes reliable identification of mass spectra and the meaningful integration of taxonomic and functional meta-information from samples containing hundreds of unknown species.


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