Toolkit to assess the quality of mass spectrometry proteomics experiments

Despite many technological and computational advances, the results of a mass spectrometry proteomics experiment are still subject to a large variability. For the understanding and evaluation of how technical variability affects the results of an experiment, several computationally derived quality control metrics have been introduced. However, despite the availability of these metrics, a systematic approach to quality control is often still lacking because the metrics are not fully understood and are hard to interpret. a repository of small ORFs identified by ribosome profiling

With the advent of ribosome profiling, a next generation sequencing technique providing a "snapshot" of translated mRNA in a cell, many short open reading frames (sORFs) with ribosomal activity were identified. Follow-up studies revealed the existence of functional peptides, so-called micropeptides, translated from these 'sORFs', indicating a new class of bio-active peptides. Over the last few years, several micropeptides exhibiting important cellular functions were discovered.


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