A Pipeline for Differential Proteomics in Unsequenced Species

Shotgun proteomics experiments often take the form of a differential analysis, where two or more samples are compared against each other. The objective is to identify proteins that are either unique to a specific sample or a set of samples (qualitative differential proteomics), or that are significantly differentially expressed in one or more samples (quantitative differential proteomics). However, the success depends on the availability of a reliable protein sequence database for each sample.

Designing biomedical proteomics experiments: state-of-the-art and future perspectives

With the current expanded technical capabilities to perform mass spectrometry-based biomedical proteomics experiments, an improved focus on the design of experiments is crucial. As it is clear that ignoring the importance of a good design leads to an unprecedented rate of false discoveries which would poison our results, more and more tools are developed to help researchers designing proteomic experiments.


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