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Highly effective and tissue-restricted anti-melanoma therapy in sight

In collaboration with BIG N2N researchers from UGent, VIB scientists from KU Leuven have revealed a remarkable link between malignant melanoma and a non-coding RNA gene called SAMMSON. The SAMMSON gene is specifically expressed in human malignant melanoma and, strikingly, the growth of aggressive skin cancer is highly dependent on this gene. The conclusions could pave the way for improved diagnostic tools and skin cancer treatment.

Dec/03 14:00 - Dec/03 15:00
J Schell seminar room UGent-VIB Research Building FSVM Technologiepark 927 9052 Zwijnaarde (Gent)

CANCELLED! BIG N2N seminar by Sach Mukherjee: High-dimensional statistics for personalized medicine

Human diseases show considerable heterogeneity at the molecular level. Such heterogeneity is central to personalized medicine efforts that seek to exploit molecular data to better understand disease biology and inform clinical decision making. An emerging notion is that diseases and disease subgroups may differ with respect to patterns of molecular interplay. I will discuss our ongoing efforts to develop statistical methods to investigate such heterogeneity.


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