high performance computing

Apr/20 09:00
Multimediaroom, building S9, Campus De Sterre, Krijgslaan 281, 9000 Gent

Specialist Workshops in Scientific Computing - SWSC2016

This series of workshops features seminars on important HPC topics, introduced by experts in the field. Fundamental topics, such as multithreading and multiprocessing, Message Passing Interface (MPI), should feature in every edition. This can be complemented with other, more specialist topics related to particular hardware, such as GPU programming and “Big Data”-related paradigms (e.g. Google MapReduce and Hadoop), scientific program languages (e.g. Fortran), or applications specific to certain research fields.

May/27 09:00 - May/29 17:00
Multimedia-room, DICT, Krijgslaan 281 S9, Gent

Getting Started with High-Performance Computing

A new edition of the “Getting Started with High-Performance Computing” course is organized by Prof. Peter Dawyndt and the HPC-UGent team.
This course teaches you everything with respect to Linux and Python to get easily started with high-performance computing, and get access to the supercomputing infrastructure of Ghent University.

* Module 1 - Unix command line, shell scripting and HPC basics
27-29 May 2015, 9:00-17:00
Multimedia-room, DICT, Krijgslaan 281 S9, Gent

Jan/27 13:00
Technopolis Mechelen Technologielaan, 2800 Mechelen

Hercules VSC Industry Day: Next generation supercomputing in Flanders

With the " Industry Day " organized by the VSC ( Flemish Supercomputer Center ) for the first time an event is organized where companies get information about the potential of the use of supercomputing for their business, plus how to use the VSC supercomputing infrastructure.
An exciting program is offered with speakers from both foreign supercomputer centers that testify about their experience with industrial partners and some Flemish companies that already discovered the opportunities of supercomputing !


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