Polyploidy and genome evolution in plants

Plant genomes vary in size and complexity, fueled in part by processes of whole-genome duplication (WGD; polyploidy) and subsequent genome evolution. Despite repeated episodes of WGD throughout the evolutionary history of angiosperms in particular, the genomes are not uniformly large, and even plants with very small genomes carry the signatures of ancient duplication events. The processes governing the evolution of plant genomes following these ancient events are largely unknown.

The Plant Genome Integrative Explorer is a collection of interoperable web resources for searching, visualizing and analyzing genomics and transcriptomics data for different plant species. Currently it includes dedicated web portals for enabling in-depth exploration of poplar, Norway spruce, and Arabidopsis. The PlantGenIE platform uses Chado databases and is based on the Drupal CMS (Content Management System).


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