NXTGNT - an innovative genome analysis service facility

NXTGNT, the Ghent University reference center for next generation sequencing, offers a range of Illumina next generation sequencing services and support to the academic community and its external customers.

Determines the whole DNA sequence at high resolution and allows for screening of mutations, copy number variations, inserts, etc.

The study of heritable changes in gene function that occur without a change in the sequence of the DNA.

Arne De Coninck obtained his PhD at BIG N2N: 'High performance computing for large-scale genomic prediction'

In the past decades genetics was studied intensively leading to the knowledge that DNA is the molecule behind genetic inheritance and starting from the new millennium next-generation sequencing methods made it possible to sample this DNA with an ever decreasing cost. Animal and plant breeders have always made use of genetic information to predict agronomic performance of new breeds.


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