Jul/09 08:30 - Jul/09 17:30
Swan and Dolphin Hotel, Orlando, Florida

Regulatory Genomics Special Interest Group (RegGenSIG) 2016

Regulatory genomics involves the study of the genomic "control system", which determines how, when and where to activate the "blueprint" encoded in the genome. Regulatory genomics is the topic of much research activity worldwide. Since computational methods are important in the study of gene regulation, the RegGenSIG meeting focuses on bioinformatics for regulatory genomics. An important goal of the meeting is to foster a collaborative community wherein scientists convene to solve difficult research problems in all areas of computational regulatory genomics.

Apr/29 15:00 - Apr/29 16:00
FORUM, Auditorium C (not F!), La Plaine Campus, Brussels

IB2 seminar: How a monocot plant managed to live in the sea ? Mining the genome of the seagrass Zostera marina to figure it out

Plants are typically terrestrial organisms originating from water-dwelling green algae some 460 million years ago. Seagrasses although being monocot flowering plants made an evolutionary U-turn, adapting back to a submerged marine life style, providing a crucial ecosystem for coastal animal life all over the world . The genome of eelgrass (Zostera marina) one of these species, has been sequenced and analysed, offering the great opportunity to ask and answer the very question : how this organism managed to cope with his marine habitat ?


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