Unipept web services for metaproteomics analysis

Unipept is an open source web application that is designed for metaproteomics analysis with a focus on interactive datavisualization. It is underpinned by a fast index built from UniProtKB and the NCBI taxonomy that enables quick retrieval of all UniProt entries in which a given tryptic peptide occurs. Unipept version 2.4 introduced web services that provide programmatic access to the metaproteomics analysis features. This enables integration of Unipept functionality in custom applications and data processing pipelines.

Navigating through metaproteomics data: A logbook of database searching

Metaproteomic research involves various computational challenges during the identification of fragmentation spectra acquired from the proteome of a complex microbiome. These issues are manifold and range from the construction of customized sequence databases, the optimal setting of search parameters to limitations in the identification search algorithms themselves.

May/04 09:30 - May/07 17:00
Gent Holiday Inn Gent Expo Maaltekouter 3 9051 Gent (Sint-Denijs-Westrem)

Introduction to MySQL

This hands-on training provides a comprehensive introduction to relational databases and the use of the MySQL relational database management system. The training will
• show you how to use MySQL to efficiently store your data in databases
• give an overview of the SQL syntax that allows you to access and manipulate the data
• show you how to use Python to automatically access MySQL databases


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