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Post-Peak ICT: Graceful Degradation for Communication Networks in an Energy Constrained Future

In recent years, rising energy prices and increasing environmental concerns have boosted research in the so called green ICT and green networking research tracks, aimed at improving the energy efficiency of communications while still offering maximal functionality. In this article we explore a future scenario in which low power networking is no longer optional, but instead becomes a necessity due to fluctuating energy availability. The contribution of this work is twofold.

Oct/27 09:00 - Oct/31 18:00
Marrakech, Morocco

META'2016 International Conference on Metaheuristics and Nature Inspired Computing

META is one of the main event focusing on the progress of the area of metaheuristics and their applications. As in previous editions,
META’2016 will provide an opportunity to the international research community in metaheuristics to discuss recent research results, to develop new ideas and collaborations, and to meet old friends and make new ones in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

Nov/13 09:30 - Nov/16 17:00
Fiers-Schell-Van Montagu building, Technologiepark,Gent

Linux for bioinformatics

After this training you will:
• feel comfortable using Linux
• know how software works on Linux and how to use it
• use bash to execute commands in Linux and know your way around the file system
• have an overview of Linux tools that are extremely useful for bioinformatics
Date: 13 and 16 November, 9h30-17h00
Location: Fiers-Schell-Van Montagu building, Gent
Trainer: Joachim Jacob


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