Computational Biology

May/27 17:00
S9, Campus Sterre Krijgslaan 281 9000 Gent

PhD defense Bart Mesuere: Unipept, computational exploration of metaproteome data

Bart Mesuere (promoter Prof. Peter Dawyndt) developed the web application Unipept allowing researchers to analyze the biodiversity of environmental samples. Unipept can for example be used to explore the composition of your gut microbiome.
Please confirm your attendance at before May 20.

Jun/03 14:00
University of Leuven Room 331-01 Landbouwinstituut Hoofdgebouw, Kasteelpark Arenberg 20, 3001 HEVERLEE

RSG Belgium Symposium 2016: Bioinformatics/Computational Biology

The event is focused around young bioinformaticians/computational biologists (master students, PhD students, young post-docs),
who will get the opportunity to present their work in a broad research context and network with one another.

Taking Aim at Moving Targets in Computational Cell Migration

Cell migration is central to the development and maintenance of multicellular organisms. Fundamental understanding of cell migration can, for example, direct novel therapeutic strategies to control invasive tumor cells. However, the study of cell migration yields an overabundance of experimental data that require demanding processing and analysis for results extraction. Computational methods and tools have therefore become essential in the quantification and modeling of cell migration data.


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