Pieter Mestdagh nominated for 'New Scientist Wetenschapstalent 2016'

Colleague Pieter Mestdagh has been nominated for the biggest Science Talent of Belgium and The Netherlands by the New Scientist. Out of those 25 nominated people, 5 candidates will be for the final election in Amsterdam. Selection is based on the opinion of both jury and public.
Taken in mind Pieter’s contributions to BIG N2N, please support him with your vote:

Epigenetics for renal cancer diagnostics

Background: Genetic intratumoral heterogeneity (ITH) hinders biomarker development in metastatic clear cell renal cancer (mccRCC). Epigenetic relative to genetic ITH or the presence of consistent epigenetic changes following targeted therapy in mccRCC have not been evaluated. The aim of this study was to determine methylome/genetic ITH and to evaluate specific epigenetic and genetic changes associated with sunitinib therapy.

Highly effective and tissue-restricted anti-melanoma therapy in sight

In collaboration with BIG N2N researchers from UGent, VIB scientists from KU Leuven have revealed a remarkable link between malignant melanoma and a non-coding RNA gene called SAMMSON. The SAMMSON gene is specifically expressed in human malignant melanoma and, strikingly, the growth of aggressive skin cancer is highly dependent on this gene. The conclusions could pave the way for improved diagnostic tools and skin cancer treatment.


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