ORCAE is an online genome annotation resource offering users the necessary tools and information to validate and correct gene annotations. The system is build on the wiki philosophy, all modifications to a certain gene are stored and can be found back in the annotation history of that gene. To be able to modify genes however you will need to have a user account. Anonymous users can browse the public genomes but don't have editing rights.

Active Motif And Ghent University Announce The Deployment Of TimeLogic Corporation's Hardware-Accelerated Genome Analysis System In The Department Of Plant Biotechnology And Bioinformatics

Ghent, Belgium and Carlsbad, CA—February 26, 2014 -- The Multidisciplinary Research Partnership on Bioinformatics “Nucleotides 2 Networks”, at Ghent University, has implemented TimeLogic’s latest J-Series Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) based DeCypher® system to assist researchers in their efforts to unravel the function of novel genes and proteins.


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