Jo Vandesompele

Jo Vandesompele


Jo Vandesompele is Professor in Functional Cancer Genomics and Applied Bioinformatics at Ghent University, Belgium since 2007 where he supervises a team of 15 researchers. He is author of more than 115 scientific articles in international journals, including pioneering publications in the domain of quantitative PCR. He co-founded Biogazelle, a real-time PCR analysis company providing a complete solution for qPCR. Jo Vandesompele is also one of the founders of the RDML consortium to promote the RDML real-time PCR data exchange format. Most recently, Jo Vandesompele has become director of ultra-high-throughput qPCR applications at NXTGNT and he cofounded CRIG, the Cancer Research Institute Ghent.



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Department of Pediatrics and medical genetics
De Pintelaan 185 MRB
9000 Gent
0479 35 35 63

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