Capita Selecta

1st semester


Room: S8, leszaal Hydro (2.036)

17 Oct

Maarten Dhaenens, BIG N2N

Data acquisition in mass spectrometry
just went holistic: now it's up to bioinformaticians to
reconstruct the sample content from the data

24 Oct

Tom Ruttink, ILVO

Case studies from ILVO genomics platform

7 Nov

Yvan Saeys, BIG N2N

Machine learning for single cell bioinformatics

28 Nov

Rob Dirks, Rijk Zwaan Breeding B.V

Tools for a New Era in Plant Breeding: Breeding per Chromosome

5 Dec

Pieter-Jan Volders, BIG N2N, CRIG

LNCASO: potent antisense oligonucleotide
design for long non-coding RNA knockdown

12 Dec

Pieter Mestdagh, BIG N2N, CRIG

Cancer-specific lncRNAs as novel biomarkers and targets for therapy

2nd semester


Room: S4, AUD D.

13 Feb

Lucasz Kreft and Janick Mathys, VIB BITS

Biology data visualization - phylogenetic trees revisited

20 Feb

Frank Vernaillen en Benjamin Pavie, VIB BITS

Beyond pretty pictures: image analysis in life sciences

27 Feb

Location: Apex, Technologiepark 927

Marc Van den Bulcke, Head Cancer Center, WIV

Case study: NGS in (hemato) oncology

13 March

Koen Bruynseels en Berenice Wulbrecht van Cropdesign

NoSQL for biotech

20 March

Starts at 9:30 (lasts 2h)
Sofie Vanlandeghem, J&J

Applying text mining in the pharmaceutical industry

27 March

Gerben Menschaert, BIG N2N

The forces of proteome complexity,
measure you must!
Integration of RNAseq, RIBOseq and MS is the
path to the proteogenomics side.

24 Apr

Tine Casneuf, J&J

High dimensional data analysis for drug development.

15 May

Sigrid De Keersmaecker, WIV

Pathogene profiling in a clinical and public health context + ISO accreditation