Mass Spectrometer Operator - Proteomics

​Background information:

Research in the Kris Gevaert lab focuses on mass spectrometry driven proteomics. Over the past years, we have introduced and applied several new technologies for proteome research and are currently, amongst others, studying the constellation of protein complexes formed in living cells and have a longstanding interest in several protein modifications including processing of proteins by proteases, N-terminal protein acetylation, protein phosphorylation and ubiquitination. Kris Gevaert and members of his lab further assist the VIB Proteomics Expertise Centre (PEC) managed by Francis Impens.

Job description:

You will be responsible for operating Orbitrap and Q Exactive mass spectrometers.
You will be performing sample preparation, mass spectrometry analysis, data interpretation and report writing.
You will be trained as a proteome scientist in well-equipped, highly recognized and state-of-the-art proteomics mass spectrometry labs.
You will work closely together with several colleagues within the Gevaert lab and VIB-PEC, and you will directly communicate results to several (international) collaborators.
Start date: spring 2016.


You obtained a master degree in industrial sciences, preferably with options as biochemistry or biotechnology.
You obtained a master degree in biotechnology, biochemistry, biomedicine, chemistry or bioengineering and have a proven record of operating mass spectrometers in a proteomics lab.
You are well-organized, precise, willing to learn novel techniques, a good communicator, passionate about your job and a good team player.
Experience with mass spectrometry is considered positive.


Contact information: 

Kris Gevaert
Phone: +32 9 264 92 74 /fax 94 96

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