Special Research Fund - Funding for candidates for a joint doctorate in bioinformatics

Ghent University supports students who want to take a doctorate under joint supervision of Ghent University and a non-Flemish partner university or institution for higher education. No restrictions are imposed on the field of research, nor on the age of the applicant.


The PhD-student has to stay minimum 6 months and maximum 24 months at Ghent University. The stay may be divided into several periods within the span of 4 years.

Who can apply?

This call is open to both foreign and Belgian candidates who are enrolled as a PhD student at a non-Flemish university or institution for higher education who want to take a joint doctorate at both their home institution and Ghent University. Candidates who intend to have a joint doctorate between Ghent University and a Belgian University cannot apply for a top-up funding type of scholarship (see 2 types of scholarship).

An agreement concerning the joint doctorate degree must be drawn up between Ghent University, the PhD student and the partner university/institution. This agreement does not have to be ready when applying for the funding but will be imperative at the start of the funding. The partner institution/university must be able to award a PhD degree independently. Research institutions who need a (foreign) partner university to award a PhD degree are not eligible. Before candidates apply for this scholarship they must make sure that their university will be able to award a joint/double PhD degree. Please contact your university administration to find out.

The Ghent University funding only covers the stay(s) at Ghent University. No funding is paid for the stay(s) at the partner university/institution. The part of the research that will be executed at the partner institution (non-Flemish university or institution for higher education) must be funded by this partner institution, or a(n) (inter)national government/funding agency/partner institution (excluding Ghent University).This co-financing consists of an appointment as a researcher at the partner university/institution or a PhD/research scholarship. The candidate must indicate clearly how and under which conditions the research will be/is executed at the partner university/institution and how this will be/is supported.

CSC scholarship holders are not eligible to apply for a Doctoral grants for researchers from developing countries. CSC students are referred to the call Cofunding for Chinese candidates PhD candidates holding a CSC scholarship (deadline October 2016).
How does it work?

The candidate applies for this funding jointly with a promoter of Ghent University. Before applying students need to find a professor from Ghent University who is willing to act as the supervisor ('promoter') of their doctoral research and who agrees to support their application. The best way to do this is by browsing the list of faculties and research topics available on our research directory.

The Research Council makes a selection of the applications. The selection is based on the evaluation of the project, the added value of the stay at Ghent University for the joint doctorate, the qualifications of the applicant and the scientific potential of both the promoter’s research group and the research group at the partner institution.

The applications must be submitted in English.

How much funding is involved?

Through the call “Funding for a joint doctorate” 2 types of funding can be granted by Ghent University

  1. A PhD scholarship: Only PhD students who do not receive a PhD scholarship from the partner university/institution during the stay at Ghent University, can obtain a PhD scholarship via this call. The student will need written evidence from the partner university/institution that no PhD scholarship is paid during the stay at Ghent University. The Ghent University scholarship can be granted for 6 up to maximum 24 months. The PhD student receives a grant of minimum € 1.903 per month and the Ghent University promoter a bench-fee of € 310 per month.
  2. Top-up funding: PhD students who do receive a PhD scholarship from the partner university/institution during the stay at Ghent University, can obtain top-up funding from Ghent University which is paid on top of the scholarship from the partner university/institution. This top-up funding consists of € 1.000 per month’s stay at Ghent University to cover (part of) the costs for travel, accommodation, insurances, etc. plus a bench-fee of € 310 per month intended for the Ghent University promoter. The top-up funding can be granted for 6 up to maximum 24 months.

Deadline: 1 March 2016
More information: BOF@UGent.be

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