Postdocs in computational cancer biology for precision medicine

Project outline

For an ambitious joint project between the Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI, Amsterdam, The Netherlands) and Glaxo Smith Kline (Philadelphia, USA) we invite excellent and ambitious postdocs with expertise in computational biology to apply. It is the goal of this international team to study BET and EZH2 inhibitors. More specifically, we will explore the molecular responses to these inhibitors, identify and understand additional mechanisms of acquired and intrinsic resistance and identify markers of sensitivity and resistance to these inhibitors. We will employ public and proprietary data derived from model systems as well as patient data. In addition to chemical profiling data, these data include gene expression, copy number and ChIP-sequencing profiles as well as mutation data. The expected duration of the initial phase of the project is 2 years. The computational biologists will collaborate closely with experimentalists, and there will be ample opportunity to validate hypotheses generated through computational analyses.


• Degree in bioinformatics, physics, engineering, computer science or mathematics
• A strong cancer biology interest and/or background
• Proficiency in programming languages such as R, Python, Perl.

Contact details

Please contact Lodewyk Wessels (phone +31 20 512 7987, e-mail: or Mike McCabe (e-mail: When applying, please ensure you include a CV, list of publications and the names and addresses of at least two persons that can be approached as references. Also see for further information.

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