PhD-student and/or postdoctoral position in bioinformatics/ computational systems biology (Bioinformatics Institute Ghent/ Ghent University/ Dept Information Technology)

Topic: Network-based data-integration

Project outline

Candidates interested in working in a highly interdisciplinary environment are invited to apply. The current job opening focuses on the development and use of methods to study the molecular mechanisms underlying the emergence of complex phenotypes in evolving ‘clonal’ systems. Applications, involve studying the origin of community behavior in bacterial populations, studying how bacteria evolve resistance to antibiotics, studying drug sensitivity of cancer cell lines, cancer subtyping and driver identification.


Bioinformatics/bioengineering/biochemistry background with a genuine interest in algorithmic research, data mining and machine learning OR
Computer science/engineering background with a genuine interest in bioinformatics and biology.
Programming skills are a prerequisite.

Contact details

Send your application to
When applying, please ensure you include a CV, including detailed transcripts of all university study results, a list of publications and the names and addresses of at least two persons that can be approached as references.
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Closing date: 31 Dec 2015

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