FLAMES UGent - Significance, p-values and t-tests

Nov/04 13:00
room V2, building S9, campus De Sterre, UGent
Wednesday, November 4, 2015 - 13:00

room V2, building S9, campus De Sterre, UGent

Since September 2013 Nature Methods has been publishing a monthly column on statistics called "Points of Significance." This column is intended to provide reseachers in biology with a basic introduction to core statistical concepts and methods, including experimental design. Motivated by the efforts put forward by Nature, the people from FLAMES want to take it a step further and use these articles as the basis of a seminar series.Biweekly during the academic year, a statistician from FIRE or FLAMES will lead a discussion of a statistics topic from a Points of Significance article.

The next seminar is scheduled for November 4, 2015, 13h-14h, room V2, building S9, campus De Sterre and will be about significance, p-values and t-tests. For more information: http://www.flames-statistics.eu/training/flames-workshop-ugent-significa...

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