The Unipept metaproteomics analysis pipeline

Unipept is a web application that offers a user-friendly way to explore the biodiversity of complex metaproteome samples by providing interactive visualizations. In this article, the updates and changes to Unipept since its initial release are presented. This includes the addition of interactive sunburst and treeview visualizations to the multipeptide analysis, the foundations of an application programming interface (API) and a command line interface, updated data sources, and the open-sourcing of the entire application under the MIT license.

Mesuere, Bart; Debyser, Griet; Aerts, Maarten; Devreese, Bart; Vandamme, Peter; Dawyndt, Peter. The Unipept metaproteomics analysis pipeline. PROTEOMICS, 15 (8):1437-1442; SI 10.1002/pmic.201400361 APR 2015