N2N developed a parallel, distributed-memory framework for comparative motif discovery

The increasing number of sequenced organisms has opened new possibilities for the computational discovery of cis-regulatory elements ('motifs') based on phylogenetic footprinting. Word-based, exhaustive approaches are among the best performing algorithms, however, they pose significant computational challenges as the number of candidate motifs to evaluate is very high. In this contribution, we describe a parallel, distributed-memory framework for de novo comparative motif discovery. Within this framework, two approaches for phylogenetic footprinting are implemented: an alignment-based and an alignment-free method. The framework is able to statistically evaluate the conservation of motifs in a search space containing over 160 million candidate motifs using a distributed-memory cluster with 200 CPU cores in a few hours. Software available from http://bioinformatics.intec.ugent.be/blsspeller/

A Parallel, Distributed-Memory Framework for Comparative Motif Discovery. De Witte, Dieter; Van Bel, Michiel; Audenaert, Pieter; Demeester, Piet; Dhoedt, Bart; Vandepoele, Klaas; Fostier, Jan. PARALLEL PROCESSING AND APPLIED MATHEMATICS (PPAM 2013), PT II, 8385 268-277; 10.1007/978-3-642-55195-6_25 2014

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