We are hiring a postdoctoral research associate for 2.5 years to lead the genome sequencing efforts of an NSF-funded, Phylogenetic Systematics grant titled “Evaluating the contributions of horizontally transferred bacterial genes and endogenous duplication events to the diversification of diatoms”. This project integrates transcriptomics, phylogenomics, and genome sequencing to understand the role of horizontal gene transfer and whole genome duplication in the diversification of diatoms.

This project is a collaborative NSF research project between Andrew Alverson (University of Arkansas) and Norman Wickett (Chicago Botanic Garden & Northwestern University). The postdoc will be based at the Chicago Botanic Garden, where the genome sequencing, assembly, and annotation efforts will be based.

START DATE: Spring - Fall, 2015
APPLICATION REVIEW: Begins immediately and will continue until filled


The postdoc will be responsible for coordinating and conducting the sequencing, assembly, and annotation of several diatom genomes. Additionally, the position includes the analysis of genome content and structure association with the diversification of diatoms, with an emphasis on the detection of horizontal gene transfer and whole genome duplication. Expectations are that postdoc will contribute to the preparation of numerous publications, many of which will be first-authored. Teaching and curriculum development opportunities will be provided through the Graduate Program in Plant Biology and Conservation, a joint program between the Chicago Botanic Garden and Northwestern University. Finally, the position includes involvement in the development of an exhibit on diatom biology to be hosted at the Chicago Botanic Garden.

This PIs of this project are participating in the Oxford Nanopore MinION Access Programme and the postdoc hired for this position will be involved in testing its utility for the sequencing of diatom genomes.


Applicants must have completed a Ph.D. in ecology and evolutionary biology, biology, bioinformatics, phycology, botany, or a related field by the start date. Some experience in bioinformatics is required, preferably in the area of genome assembly and annotation; skills in a scripting language (Perl/Python) and in a Linux/Unix computing environment are necessary.


Please email a single pdf file that includes a cover letter, CV, and contact information for three references to:

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