Bioinformatics Post - Doc Positions – Evolution Institute , Haifa University , Haifa, Israel

We are looking for independent, dedicated Bioinformaticians as post-doctorate fellows for a project aimed at revealing the mechanisms of cancer-resistance and anti-cancer activity
of the hypoxia-tolerant (down to 3% O2), oxidative-stress adapted, long lived (>20 Years) subterranean, blind mole-rat, Spalax.
More info in the attached adv and at: Malik et al, 2012, BMC genomics, 13, 615 ; Manov et al., 2013, BMC biology 11, 91.

Our breakthrough project has captured the interest of the scientific community and we have ample financial support for the studies and offer generous fellowships to qualifying candidates.

We expect experienced candidates with a proven excellent expertise and knowhow to independently handle raw output data of RNA-seq / miR seq/ Genomic, analyze it and can interpret intelligently the relevant biological background. Accordingly, background in statistics, programming and scripting is required (e.g., experience and knowledge in tools like Linux clusters, R, mysql, Matlab, perl, python, etc.), with a respected record of relevant publications (including 1st authorship).

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Prof of Research Aaron Avivi (
Dr. Imad Shams

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