POST-DOC POSITION: Computational Biologist

The Laboratory of Developmental Signaling, headed by An Zwijsen, is looking for a highly motivated and creative postdoctoral computational biologist/bioinformatician to join the team. The postdoctoral scientist will focus on the role of BMP signaling in endothelial plasticity. The project follows from the recent work on BMP signaling heterogeneity in different vascular endothelial phenotypes and cross-talk with Notch signaling (Moya et al., Dev Cell 2013; Beets et al., TIG, 2013). The project focuses on deciphering the dynamics and consequence of perturbation of BMP signaling cascades on effector oscillatory gene expression and cell competence/competition. The candidate will perform and analyze comparative transcriptome studies. The applicant is expected to model the oscillatory gene network. The computational analyses and models will be validated with independent perturbation experiments and will feed new experiments.
The laboratory is one of 14 research teams of the VIB Center for the Biology of Disease. This Center is a vibrant and international research center where key issues relevant to major human health challenges are tackled. The department is home to groups working mainly on neurobiology/neurodegeneration and cancer in flies, mice and humans. The Center for the Biology of Disease is one of the research departments of VIB located at KU Leuven – Campus Gasthuisberg (Department of Human Genetics).
The candidate is a highly motivated, self-driven computational biologist, or bioinformatics specialist with a PhD in a relevant discipline to this study. A strong interest/expertise in molecular biology or developmental biology is a plus. You will be embedded in an active bioinformatics community in Leuven, allowing daily interactions with colleague bioinformaticians.
The fellow will be supported with a salary, but the candidate will be encouraged to apply for a postdoctoral fellowship at the national (e.g. IWT, FWO, VLK), or at the international level (e.g. EMBO, FASEB etc) during the first year.
For further information, contact Please send a motivation letter (1 page), a complete CV and contact information of 2 referees.

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