Admission requirements and application

Admission requirements

To have direct admission to the Master of Science in Bioinformatics: Systems Biology, a bachelor university program is required with minimally 8-10 credits Mathematics (or equivalent courses). In addition, your bachelor program together with maximally 18 credits obligatory reorientation courses within the Systems Biology track should cover in total

  • 16 credits in (Molecular) biology courses*
  • 3 credits in Statistical courses*
  • 3 credits in Programming courses
  • 3 credits in Bioinformatics introductory courses*
    * for the indicated courses, English reorientation courses are available at Ghent University.

    Students with a previous Master program in Biosciences are likely to have exemptions for the 18 credits of optional courses in the Systems Biology track, leaving room for the obligatory reorientation courses within the 120 credits Master’s program.

    For direct admission to the Master of Science in Bioinformatics: Engineering, a Bachelor in Computer Science, Informatics or Engineering is required.

    For direct admission to the Master of Science in Bioinformatics: Bioscience Engineering, a Bachelor in Bioscience Engineering is required, or in other Biosciences with a strong mathematical component.

    Diploma equivalence of international Bachelor's degree students will be checked by the curriculum commission based on your individual track record, and a suitable personalized program will be proposed. For students with a Ghent University Bachelor degree in Biochemistry and Biotechnology, a standard remediation package is available within the 120 credits Master program to enter the Bioscience Engineering

    You can find the general UGent admission requirements and application here.

    Admission requirements for international degree students

    International Bachelor degrees will be evaluated for equivalence with one of the Belgian Bachelor degrees by the Study Program Committee responsible for the Master of Science in Bioinformatics. Based on this equivalence, direct access or access via a preparatory program will be proposed (see application for international students).

    Application procedure and deadlines

    As a degree student, you need to complete the registration form in prospect. Processing your file takes approximately 3-4 months, after which you will receive an admission or rejection letter.

    Interested students are therefore encouraged to send a pdf of their transcripts to the educational committee of the master (, prior to the start of the registration in prospect. The committee will evaluate whether you are eligible and for which tracks you are eligible. If your application is approved during pre-submission, the outcome of the prospect admission procedure is virtually guaranteed to be positive, provided you complete your registration online and submit all the required hard copies before the application deadline.

    You can find the general application deadlines here.

    Tuition fee

    Please consult the UGent website for the most recent information.